Guidelines for appropriate use of member forums

The AusPATH member forums were specifically established to facilitate the following 3 key aims of the organisation:

(1)   To promote communication and collaboration among professionals involved in the health, rights and well-being of the trans, including gender diverse and non-binary (TGDNB), community.

(2)   To encourage, promote and share research in the fields of the health, rights and well-being of the TGDNB community.

(3)   To establish a known network of professional service providers for the TGDNB community. AusPATH supports frank, open discussion and sharing of ideas relevant to the health, rights and well-being of the TGDNB community.


The following guidelines have been developed to support members and moderators of the forums in ensuring ongoing appropriate use of the forums:

  • All efforts should be made to protect the integrity of AusPATH and its aims.


  • Confidentiality, particularly when clinical information is discussed, should be maintained at all times.


  • Copyright laws should be considered and respected, for example when sharing  journal articles.


  • Respect for the audience should be maintained at all times. This can be achieved by following these suggested recommendations:

(a) Do not share posts outside the forum unless clear permission to do so has been granted.

(b) Be respectful of differences in customs, values and points of view and avoid slurs and insults about a person’s culture, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, socio-economic background or education status.

(c) Do not use derogatory, insulting or obscene language.

(d) Do not make criticisms of another person or a person’s opinion but rather give your own opinion.

(e) Aim to be respectful and calm in your disagreement by sharing factual information with minimal emotive language.

(f) Aim to build knowledge rather than attack and break down.

(g) Be clear if your opinion differs from that of your employer/institution

(h) Speak in the first person.

(i) Do not say what you would not say face-to-face.

(j) Address the broader audience where possible rather than an individual.

(k) Do not embarrass or denigrate or affect the reputation of another member.

(l) Encourage rather than stifle discussion.


  • The Board of Directors should be notified if guidelines are not being followed. Where there is evidence that these guidelines have not been adhered to, members will be placed on a moderator list, where all posts are screened prior to publication on the list. As a last resort, a member’s access to the forums may be removed. The decision to place a member on a moderator list or remove access from the forum is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


  • AusPATH does not take responsibility for the views expressed by members.


AusPATH Board of Directors

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